Friday, November 25, 2011


I have so many incredible things to be thankful for. I feel so greedy when I think about it. I am blessed to have a wonderful, healthy family and more things than I can ever need. I thank God everyday for all that I have in my life.

This Thanksgiving made me realize that I need to serve others more. I used to volunteer regularly in my community, but I haven't really done anything in the last few years. I know that I can make an hour a week to help others and serve in my community. I just need to find the right place for me to do it. Suggestions would be welcome.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Boy

I cannot believe how big my little Ham is getting. He walks, jumps, runs, climbs, and attempts to talk. He looks so much older. He is really growing into a little boy with a big personality. He loves having photos taken of him; so much so that he even poses for strangers with cameras. He climbs the stairs on the playground and goes down the slide by himself (head first of course). He is awesome at occupying himself and playing with his toys the right way rather than just chewing on them.

It's getting difficult for me to remember what he was like just a few months ago. That scares me a bit because I don't ever want to forget how sweet he was a newborn. He continues to grow and change every day, and I am continually amazed. He reminds me how great and awesome God is every day.

Ham is still 33lbs and 34 inches tall at just under 15 months old.

Ham today:
Because toys are more fun when you are inside the toy box!

Happy Monday everyone!
Peace and Love to your Littles,